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VitlaCare Hme Medical Oxygen

For more than a quarter-century, members of our team have been providing respiratory therapy services and oxygen-related products to the people of Northern Michigan.

Bill Alexander LRT, RRT

Our team of Respiratory Therapists provides home and office visits to assess the effectiveness of your oxygen therapy, help identify the most appropriate modality for your clinical needs, and provide supportive education. 

Chad Willobee LRT, RRT
Our Respiratory Care Technician provides support and assistance for sleep therapy CPAP users.
Amy Sylvain
Amy Sylvain CRT

Our trained service technicians home-deliver oxygen concentrators and portable oxygen to people every day.

VitalCare participates with….
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Blue Cross
  • Priority Health
  • VA
  • Many Other Insurance Plans

Home Oxygen Modalities
VitalCare’s Respiratory Therapists will help you identify the most appropriate modality to meet your clinical needs and personal lifestyle.

Stationary oxygen concentrators for use in the home. Even patients with portable systems may  rely on their concentrators while they sleep. These plug into the wall and can provide for your needs whenever you are at home. Concentrators do not require refills.

Traditional portable oxygen systems with straight flow regulators or conservers, depending on your personal health needs. Portable oxygen travels with you to the grocery store, the casino and your doctor appointments. Portable tanks have limited volume and must be refilled.

Smaller, portable liquid oxygen units for highly- mobile patients whose medical needs can be met with this type of system. Our Respiratory Therapists will conduct an evaluation to determine whether the system provides adequate oxygen saturation on an individual basis. Liquid units have limited volume and must be refilled.

Portable concentrators that do not involve any tanks. These units have a short utilization span, must be supported by ion lithium batteries, and can meet the oxygen saturation needs of some patients. For the appropriate patient, this system is extremely portable.

Home ventilator systems provide life-sustaining support for individuals who cannot breathe on their own. Today’s ventilators employ state-of-the-art technology and enable patients to live an optimal life.  VitalCare’s Respiratory Therapists oversee ventilator care for our patients. VitalCare is a one-stop shop for ventilator care, with nurses and aides who are trained in ventilator and tracheotomy care. VitalCare also offers respite care at Hospice House for families and caregivers.

Our knowledgeable, experienced staff will provide ongoing assessment, technical assistance and support. You are in good hands with the VitalCare Respiratory Team!